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Role of education in our life

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. 

Honorable teachers and my beloved audience

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most mercifull.  All praise be to Allah the lord of the word the only one who has created every teenager in his universe as a leader as a whole word.  Before I’m going to deliver my speech no word proper,  I say Alhamdulillahi rabbil ‘alamin to Allah SWT.  Peace and solution to leader of a leader. He is a greatest man in the history of kind human who has brought us from the darkness to the lightness and from the stupid era into intelligence era.  No body proper we call except our prophet Muhammad SAW.  Well,  to shorten the time,  allow me here to discuss about. 

Role of education in our life

Ladies and gantleman 

As we know that education is the process of transferring knowledge,  moral behavior and value from one person to another.  From this definition we can conclude that education may take place anywhere and anytime,  at school,  in the mosque,  in the morning or at night. 

Now,  I want to ask you.  Is education important?  Of course.  Education we can know something that we didn’t know before. Education is the bridge for the success in the future.  Some people say that the higher someone gets his education,  the bigger in his opportunity to reach his intention.  I think,  to certain extents it’s true because for example a doctor who has studied and graduated from medical department 6 or 7 years,  will always be master of a nurse who only finished his or her 3 years of nursery diploma. 

Formally,  education is done at school in Indonesia , there are at least 4 levels of formal education: elementary school,  junior and senior high school and university.  Our government has put forward the 9 year compulsory education for school aged children to get education in elementary and junior high school free of charge. 

I want to ask you another question,  is it enough for us to get education only for 9 years?  Of course not,  but we must continue our education to as highest level as possible.  I think our prophet Muhammad SAW has given us the instruction to study or let say to get education since our birthday until our death.  Islam has better education concept,  because it teaches us the long life education.  There are many hadits or traditions from the Prophet Muhammad SAW which say that we must look for knowledge without limitation of time and place. 

Ladies and gantleman 

We must educate by our honorable teachers how to behave according to the Islamic teaching in our daily life.  So,  in our mind,  education is not only the cognitive process,  but also the affective process as well. 

Next time,  after graduating from the boarding school we’ll come back to our society.  It’s our duty to implement the result of our education to educate our society with Islamic education.  We should then be the best example for them in the application of our religions teaching. 

From now on,  let’s motivate our selves to study harder than before.  Remember,  that what we do today will give the big influence to our future.  We may not be lazy students to study and understand our subject everyday.  The harder do we study,  the better will our achievement be. 

Ok.  These are that I can tell to you all.  I’m sorry for all my mistakes and if you find some faults  from my speech.  Because the mistakes just come from my self and the truth only from Allah SWT. 

And you have remember that there is no body perfect one in the whole world.  May Allah blessed us and give us the benefits from my speech.  And the last I say you

Wassalamuallaikum Wr.Wb

See you

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Dear diary

Hello reader come back in my post today

Did you know,  one weeks ago I was sick in my sweet home.  My illness is typus and I feel  so sad.  Typus is one of a illness cause there is inflamed on intestines and can be easily to contaminate.  This illness because of Salmonella bacteria and the first indication is a high fever. Yeah I felt it when I high fever is wheather can life tomorrow 😢 it’s so bad when I lie down every day on mattress.  My tongue felt bitter so make me feel sick for eating. 

Oh Allah if this illness can making me to patient and completely remove my ain ago and know or future.  Hhuhu I think who fell like me know what I fell yesterday . Nobody can to paying our healthy except Allah SWT.  Cause if you sick all of your schedule and your  job can be bad luck.  So you can’t  do anything every time. 

Don’t forget for keep our healthy and the important don’t forget for eating on time. 

Love your self

May Allah blesses us until jannah 🙏

Never give up for your dream 😘

And the last…  See you my beloved reader

My future business 

Hello my beloved reader

Assamuallaikum wr. Wb

Life like a dream.  Why?  Because our life differently with the reality.  Therefore,  I would like to describe my dream to you all my beloved reader.  I have a dream for my future.  It’s so many dream I will reach for my future business.  There are many people know about them religion.  Everyone can be able to associate but appropriate with a holy qur’an and had it’s.  Tahfizh boarding school is a place for education of two levels.  There are junior high school and senior high school.  It’s  so many best program to make easily for memorizing a holy qur’an and always remind it. 

I’ll celebration by other teachers in Turkey island.  Because so many best hafidz making inspire for our life and them van hear our memorizing be easily.  In my boarding school future not only educate about memorized and remind a holy qur’an but also studies tafsir of a holy qur’an and school like usually same as other school.  The students can be easily comprehend the meaning ayat by ayat.  Every level class there are 5 juz one year of target to realize be hafizd qur’an and.  I hope this boarding school making best generation in our country and consider the parents for them children. 

Thanks for reading guys 😉😊

Soft news

The merchant of spend something for maintenance without many reason with the lay out of wooden on billowy.

Pedagang Yang mencari nafkah tanpa banyak alasan dengan susunan kayu di atas ombak. 

And know disposing scum of society better than before.  It’s so cleaners and garnished with the drawing . It’s not seen dirty and dull.. Cleanness is next to godlinnes

Kini tempat pembuangan sampah lebih baik dari sebelumnya.  Tps ini sangat bersih dan dihiasi dengan gambar.  Tps ini tidak terlihat kotor dan kusam.. Kebersihan adalah hal yang mulia

From the sunrise until greeting the gloaming. A day never give up for keep live himself and his family’s. 

Dari matahari terbit hingga senja menyapa. Seorang ayah tidak pantang menyerah untuk mempertahankan Hidup nya dan keluarganya .

You can call it a gojek. It’s can served us to another place.  Yeah,  it was spread in Pontianak. 

Kamu bisa panggil ini gojek.  Gojek bisa mengantarkan kita ke tempat manapun. Yaa gojek ini sudah tersebar di Pontianak

Robots in the home 

A.  Warm up

1.  How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours?  List them. 

✏ I used at least 12 electronic devices. There are fan, refrigator, lamp, rice cooker, air conditioner, television, hand phone, dispenser, vacuum cleaner, laptop, DVD player and motorcycle. 

2.  What activities do robots do today?  What other things would you like them to do? 

✏  Nowadays, the robots help people do their habits like cooking rice,  cleaning of dust, see information, etc.  It would be great if robots can help do homework. 

3.  Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves?  What?  Why? 

✏  yes, there are do my assignment and do exercise by yourself because the education and healthiness are for yourself. 

Do positive. Think positive 😊

Have a nice day readers😉

Reading skills 

A.  Pre-reading questions

  • The robots make our lives better in the future because they can do anything in our daily activity. 
  • The robots make our lives worse because the people will be lazy and immune down in our healthy
  • When would like to see the robots can change the word of pollution at global warming future 

B.  Reading

  • Paragraph  1  :  This trend will allow us to live richer live as robots take over boring housework duties
  • Paragraph  2  :  In the same way that Microsoft an operating system that could work on different kinds of computers, engineers are now beginning to write. Computer code for a potential common robot operating system. 
  • Paragraph  3  :  But without doubt, they will free us from useless household duties and prevent us from being lonely

.C.  Identifying topic and main idea

  1. C.  Robots in the home 
  2. A. Robots will take care of older people and make sure that they are take their medicine

E.  Identifying opinion

  •        A.  All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than ever. 



Adverb is a word used for qualifying the meaning of verb, adjective, or another adverb. 


  • She runs quickly
  • The room is very  wide
  • The train arrived too late

Note  : Quickly tells how is the run; very qualifies the adjective, wide;  too tells how is the late. 

Adverb always using after to be. There are several types of adverb there are:

1.  Adverb of Manner (keterangan cara)

      Adverb of manner used to answer question of ‘How’. 

       Example:   adj + ly

  • Slowly
  • Carefully
  • Beautifully
  • Quickly
  • Fast
  • Well
  • ect. 

2.   Adverb of time

       Adverb of time used to answer question of “How”.


  • Today
  • Tomorrow 
  • Yesterday
  • on Monday 
  • in 1997
  • at 07.30 
  • etc. 

      On   :   we can use for adv of month or name of day

      in.   :  we can use for adv of year

      at.   :  we can use for adv of specific time

3.  Adverb of place

     Adverb of place used to answer question of “Where”.


  • Here
  • There
  • in Pontianak    👉 for the name of city in country 
  • on Jalan Ahmad Yani    👉  for the name of street on common place
  • at UPT Bahasa UNTAN    
  • at your house    👉   for specific place

4.  Adverb of frequency “How Often”


  • Always 
  • Sometimes
  • Seldom
  • Never
  • Once
  • Twice 

Well, that’s all I can post today. I hope this post can be useful for the readers 😊

Core vocabulary.. 

a.  Aid define

  • Help or support (someone or something)  in the achievement of something

b.  Adopt define

  •  to choose or take as one’s own; make one’s own by selection or assent
  • Choose to take up or follow

c.  Effort define

  •  Exertion of physical or mental power
  • a virgorous or determined attempt
  • an earnest or strenuous attempt

d.  Force define

  • Strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement
  • Physical power of strength possessed by a living being

e.  Career define

  • The progress throught history of an institution organization
  • Working permanently in or committed to a particular profession

f.  Oppose define

  • Disagree with and attempt to prevent, aspecially by argument

g.  Code define

  • a word, letter, number, or other symbol used in a code system to mark, represent, or identify something
  • a system of words, letters, figures, or symbols used to represent others, or for the purpose of secrecy

h.  Potential define

  • Having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future

i.  Doubt define 

  • To distrust; to be uncertain about; consider questionable or unlikely; hesitate to believe

j.  Serve define

  • Perform duties or services for (another person or an organization); to act as a servant

Thanks for reading 😊